Ultra Vair

1/3 Corvair Conversion

35 HP @ 85 lbs  

2/23/2014 - Our electronic ignition, electrical system and single

carb is working great, 25 hrs tt running without

a single problem. To be released soon!!!

We are now selling parts to make your conversion




Example pages from the Conversion Manual



There are over 90 pictures showing how parts are converted, adapted, constructed and assembled. Lots of detail to help with your Ultra Vair conversion.



Step by step pictures in the cutting, drilling and milling of parts from the Corvair engine to make Ultra Vair parts. Simple detailed instructions give you the

steps to convert your Corvair engine to a Ultra Vair Ultralight 35hp engine.



Our pictures show completed parts so you understand how it is done, details cad drawings for the parts that must be made from scratch.

Thousands of hrs of work and testing to bring to you, the every day guy the chance to build your own 2 cylinder 4 stroke powerplant 

for your ultraight or light plane.

Click this link to Purchase 

The Ultra Vair Conversion Manual





We realize that some people want to build the engine

we are now offering the following conversion parts

to our customers...


Package A - Total $450.00

Includes: (oil pump and pressure relief valve not included if purchased separately $75.00)

Prop Hub

Prop Hub Centering Bushing

Prop Hub Crush Plates(2)

Engine Rear Cover Plate

Mag Drive Puck and 4130 Thrust Washer

Oil Pump Housing

Oil Pump cover/Pressure Relief Housing

Oil Pump Alignment tool

Crankshaft  Weights


Package B -  Total $525.00


Prop Hub

Prop Hub Centering Bushing

Prop Hub Crush Plates(2)

Engine Rear Cover Plate

Mag Drive Puck and 4130 Thrust Washer

Oil Pump Complete with Pressure Relief Valve

Oil Pump Alignment tool

Crankshaft  Weights


Individual Prices:


Prop Hub                                                                         $170.00

Prop Hub Centering Bushing                                       $ 25.00 

Prop Hub Crush Plates(2)                                             $ 35.00

 Engine Rear Cover Plate                                                $ 70.00

Mag Drive Puck and 4130 Thrust Washer                  $ 55.00

Oil Pump Housing                                                           $ 70.00

 Oil Pump cover/Pressure Relief Housing                    $ 60.00

Oil Pump Alignment tool                                               $ 25.00

Oil pump and Pressure Relief Valve                             $ 75.00

Crankshaft  Weights                                                        $ 60.00

                                                                       Total      $645.00

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 Please continue to check back as we will 

continue to add more pictures and videos of the 



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